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Professional Websites

There are many types of websites, classified by contents, structure, the language of development and more, simple or more complex and, why not, the kind you can make on your own in a few minutes.

But, well done professional work requires some knowledge that only comes with experience.
Many years in this field gave me the ability to understand customers and their targets. My designer background helps me with aesthetics and message communication. And, of course, developing requires some technical skills. It goes far beyond uploading a bunch of files to a web server.  

An effective website has to fulfill many requirements, but the most important is to be visible to the search engines, that is, SEO.
  • Mobile device friendly, to adapts to different sizes of screen.
  • Fast, reducing load time through image optimization
  • Metadata or machine-readable content is as essential as visible content.
  • Yet, to reach your audience faster would be necessary to make a paid campaign.

My latest projects


For the development of this project I appealed to its name, which is a famous comic magazine character. For that reason I created a kind of scene, putting special emphasis in the use of vibrant color.
The same institution has higher levels that don't share the same name, in this case the design is a little more sober.

Batsa Industrial Batsa Industrial

Batsa Industrial

In it case it was necessary to show the big variety of products and services offered to the gas and oil industry, using good photography and distinguishing the last generation technology owned for the company.

Aesthetics applied symbolize the prime material and mechanizing work done to obtain main manufacturations.

Piscinas Imperclor

Piscinas Imperclor relanzó su sitio web para inaugurar la temporada alta con una nueva imagen llena de fuerza y color.

Esta nueva estética, también fue plasmada en redes sociales y tienda on-line, junto con campañas publicitarias tendientes a aprovechar al máximo la mejor época del año para la venta de piscinas.

Virginia Ramos

Visual Communication Designer